We are a development studio

Broad experience and refined focus in mobile and connected devices.

We are people with passion for making great Apps.

Coliand is a group of technology enthusiasts who really care about creative thinking and how we can improve the life of individuals, companies and organizations through this. We enjoy creating innovative products by investing considerable time in research and development; motivated by the fact that we live and breathe apps.




Amazing apps need what we know

Through time we have learnt what a valuable experience can dictate in a project. We work with our clients on their ideas, and together take them tangible opportunities. We put an immense amount of time and thought into what we are implementing while guiding our clients throughout the process.


We are Enterprise-Focused. Through years we have been delivered apps to sectors like Banking and Financial, Loans, ERP, CRM, Business Process Management among others.


We live according the agile principles. We are practitioners of the Scrum framework so that we are not like traditional managed companies but more like self-organized teams.


Our design teams continuously adapt and implement latest trends to create engaging and amazing user experiences. We make emotional apps, beautiful and pixel perfect.


Our satisfaction is to see our apps solving users daily challenges so we honor the time, quality and customers budget at any cost.


We know how important is each line of code we wrote.  Our developers team have vast experience writing code for web and mobile on any language, most of them are certified.


Doing business with us is easy. We understand what critical is to deliver a solution to a problem that cost huge money to our clients.

Our Culture and Principles.

We promote a free culture, open door and collaborative, combining talent with experience in software product development and knowledge of different business sectors.

Beautiful design from the source

We focus on creating amazing mobile experiences, giving to our products an unique value which at the end, will take our customers to establish brands as leaders in their business sectors.

Uniqueness and Simplicity

When it comes to creating a product, we believe every aspect of it must be unique, distinctive and must be created based on clear goals. A big mistake is trying to be everything to everyone.

Learn and Grow

We believe in people’s creativity and proactivity. We always will try until we find the solution we’re looking for. At the end, will be a learned lesson that will make us grow.

What makes us better. Our Values.

Our company is entirely dedicated to promote values that generate a great environment for all our employees, with the only purpose to maintain high levels of satisfaction with our customers and keep a maximum level of excellence in all our services.





We really love what we do, what makes possible that every product or service we offer will satisfy our clients’ expectations.



Creative Thinking


We strongly believe in every new idea that comes from our teams and customers, we see them as a potential source of innovation in all our operations.



Trust and Integrity


We encourage that every interaction with our customers must be handle with integrity, looking for favorable relationships for everybody.





We know every day will be a learned lesson. Our experience take us to continuous innovation of all our work methodologies and technologies we use.



Quality to Make a Difference


We invest time looking for stability, efficiency, usability, attractive design and high quality in each of our products.



Beautiful and Emotional Experiences


We create emotional connections between brands and users through the considerable investment of time creating beautiful assets and distinctive user experiences.

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